Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Smaller Tush

I'm really unhappy with my body.  Even more, I'm really unhappy that I'm not doing anything to make my body better.

And I'm shocked to discover that at 44 (just had a birthday) I'd be willing to trade some IQ points for a better physical shell.  How shallow is that?!  Or maybe it's just a reflection of how lazy I am. Either way, it's not good,  because as mentioned in an earlier post, this aging thing is harder than it looks.

As time plods forward, there's no turning that clock back.  And maintaining an attractive physical exterior becomes more and more difficult - I've never liked to exersize and although I don't overeat, what I do eat is not necessarily green.  (However, let it be said that my reputation as a junk-fooder is somewhat overstated.)

So, how important is it to understand algebra or be able to manage multiple tasks?  I think I could give up some of this unnecessary smarty-pantness for a small tush in some stupider pants.  Who do I see about this?  Come on - I didn't ask for these genetics.  With all due respect to my Eastern European peasant ancestors (who likely longed for longer legs too), I think I should have a say in how my "gifts" are distributed.

I'm just sayin'.